Co-design with more than 100 key members.

The Red Cross Youth organisation is helping children and young people in Denmark and around the world to a better future. The work is entirely based on the personal engagement from more than 20.000 voluntarily dedicated. That is why a democratic, transparent and simple organisation is urgent.

Case description: The Red Cross Youth was facing the task of rethinking their organisational structure, that by the time had developed into being too rigid and complicated for the spirit of their members. With the desire to have a democratic process for change, the central question to be answered was: How do we involve and listen to more than 100 key members, and let their everyday experiences shape the future?   

The scope of this co-creation project was thus planning and facilitation of a series of workshops to uncover the experiences and challenges of the members, ending in a grand workshop with all 100 key members involved. The outcome of the workshops lead to a puzzle of information that, though a very transparent and shared proces, was sorted out and compiled into a new organisational structure. In conclusion, both the process and the new structure were visually and graphically communicated back to the members:

“You’ve been much more thorough than what I expected in including all the voices. I think that is a crazy cool product.”

Amalie Utzon, National President, Red Cross Youth




May 24, 2018