“I think it was great that we have been so close to practice and this thing of getting out physically and talking to the professionals and students, it has a lot of value.” – Student, from the initiative “US IN THE INDUSTRY”.

With the ROCKWOOL FOUNDATION’s effort “US IN THE INDUSTRY”, the students now get a fresh start on vocational training. Here, the focus is on creating networks and together gaining experience with the industry from the first day of school.

For a period of 4 years, Let’s Co, under the Rockwool Foundation’s Intervention Unit, identified needs, co-created, prototyped, further developed and implemented (in many rounds) a completely new initiative for vocational training.

Let’s Co have been co-developers of the effort’s overall concept and principles. Here, Let’s co has created the concrete activities the students go through in from their first day at school, together with students and teachers. Let’s Co has also created a playbook for the facilitators of the activities:

Let’s Co has co-created an implementation design for all actors, so that everyone can be properly onboarded before they have to be part of the effort. Here, the website is an online platform for recruiting actors, including a backend part with tutorial films, activity materials and various standard emails etc. that should make it easy for new vocational schools to get on board as the RCT progresses.

The initiative, which we are extremely proud of, is the result of a close collaboration between a number of companies, the vocational schools NEXT, ZBC and CELF, the National Center for Vocational Education, EVA and the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s Intervention Unit.

Watch a film about US IN THE INDUSTRY:

US IN THE INDUSTRY is effect is evaluated until 2025, which is carried out by RFI together with researchers from Copenhagen Business School, University College London and Rambøll. The effect evaluation aims to create solid evidence of highest quality, in the vocational school area, where US IN THE INDUSTRY purpose is that:

  • The students who believe in their own abilities to graduate and be part of the industry.
  • The students who see themselves as part of a supportive professional network and as a valuable resource.
  • Students who thrive and cope with challenges.
  • Students who are motivated to complete GF2.  

If you want to learn more about the effort, read more here:




September 28, 2022