“RQI Explore Project”

A future vision created across 12 international teams.

When a company is large and spread across the world, coordinating of current efforts and future perspectives is crucial to a successful innovation process. Through a transparent and visualized co-creation process, 12 teams spread out internationally got to align their future vision.


Laerdal is a large Norwegian health-technology company with a mission of helping save lives. One of the company’s successes is “the RQI program”, developed in partnership with the American Herat Association to help hospitals implement a Resurrection Quality Improvement program. The solution is being rolled out to hospitals in the US and continues to be in rapid growth.

Innovating on an already established success requires inside knowledge from customers and staff to be brought to the surface and coordinated. By sorting all existing material along with gathering insights through workshops and interviews, we discovered some patterns. These deep insights formed the base for a design of a concrete go-do plan in collaboration with the teams. The co-created concepts for the future were shared across the organization in a project-webpage, videos, posters, and gimmicks.

The result was a clear and visual overview of where the 12 teams each suggested investing their efforts, both in short and long terms. An overwhelming amount of insights and feedback across the different teams was gathered, and made easily communicable, in four key-frameworks for the future. They were communicated through a number of platforms, in order to establish a common voice across the organization. When everyone can see a concrete and tangible goal, it is easier to align their future vision and move forward consistently.

align future vision

“The process you gave us really helped us. We had a ton of feedback from users internal and external, over several explore phases over time, that you have been able to gather in a simple and visual way.”

Chris D’Esposito, Vice President, Program Development, RQI partners, Laerdal/AHA






May 24, 2018