“VR as pain relief”

Playing as pain relief to children in the hospital.

Being in the hospital or being hospitalized can be a traumatic experience for children. This project sought out to ease the journey by distracting the children in the most uncomfortable moments.

Nurse trying our VR pain relief

By following children through their treatment journey, it became clear that there were times that were difficult for the child to get through. Especially when the healthcare staff handles needles with the child, for example by blood sampling or anaesthesia, the insecurity and nervousness become great. Together with the Center for Child Pain, Rigshospitalet and New Hospital North Zealand we looked into helping the children better through these unpleasant experiences.

In this project, we tested VR games for the kids. By giving the children VR glasses with a game, specially designed by Khora, the children can play a game while getting, for example, their blood samples. This means that most children do not become as insecure and actually look forward to “being allowed to play”. This new solution results in less trauma to the children and the healthcare staff spend less time reassuring the child.

Doctor “Do you think the dot has been there?” Child “No” Doctor “It has actually been there” Child “Well!” (keeps on playing unaffected)

Dialogue while testing the product




May 24, 2018