Talking honestly about life with serious illness and future prognosis is not necessarily what doctors are trained or prepared for. At the same time, patients and relatives may find it difficult to start these kinds of conversations. But as the above question shows, these conversations are necessary and important.

That is why Rigshospitalet’s hematology department has developed a conversation tool that helps to facilitate the conversation and put words and feelings to the difficult life situation you find yourself in when you have a serious illness in your life.

Together with the conversation tool, doctors and nurses receive simulation training with professional actors. Let’s Co are grateful to have been part of the design and creation process. All honor and credit to all the fantastic doctors and nurses, patients, relatives as well as patient and relative employees who with fiery energy have created such a valuable and meaningful project.

“Conversations about life and treatment” was a finalist for the Danish Design Award 2021, and nominated for Danish Regions’ distinguished award “Citizen Involvement Initiative of the Year” in 2022.

For now, the concept has been evaluated through a qualitative study. From 2022, the effect of the concept will be tested in a randomized controlled study at the country’s other hematology departments. Hopefully, the concept can also be extended to other departments in the Center for Cancer and Organ Diseases.

“Let’s Co are good at being very humble and careful and respectful in relation to the fact that we are dealing with very seriously ill patients, so if you have to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, then it requires a very careful approach so that everyone can participate, and I think that is actually one of the best things we got from the collaboration.” – Stine Clemmensen, Doctor



September 27, 2022