“Chemo To Go, Please”

Bringing chemo treatment home to cancer patients.

User-friendly and good design is not just about the physical and aesthetic appearance but is also shown in the way design thinking shapes a solution from idea to finished product. This is Chemo to go, please a good example of.

Nurses looking at the Chemo to go bag

Case description: It is not commonplace for designers to show up at the leukaemia section at Rigshospitalet, but nevertheless this is what happened in the Chemo to go, please project. Co-design is about meeting people in their everyday lives and learning to understand their specific needs. The staff’s workflow and the patient’s and relative’s everyday life were followed closely and processed through workshops and in-depth interviews. The design process was illustrated and shared all the way through, which gave the patients and relatives a window to tell their story as well as a feeling of ownership for the product.

As a result, a bag was developed which takes into account the true needs in the cancer treatment process. Thanks to the Chemo to-go bag, leukaemia patients can take the chemo with them, thus avoiding long-term hospitalization, which has proved to be of great positive effect:

  • Feeling less sick when you are not hospitalized.
  • Eating more as you can eat when you want from your own kitchen.
  • Mentally strengthened as you are closer to family and friends.
  • Greater freedom as you can choose whether you want to lie in your hammock in the garden or hang up laundry while you get the treatment.

Discussing the Chemo to go bag . Posters in the hospital explaining Chemo to goPart of the Chemo to go team




May 24, 2018