Workshop facilitation

Creating a fruitful collaboration through workshop facilitation.

Workshops are a breeding ground for ideas, insights, and solutions. Unfortunately, they can also lead to a lack of follow-through or tangible result.

That is why a tightly lead and facilitated workshop is key to success. A well-facilitated workshop creates alignment between participants and a sense of ownership over the process, both of which are crucial for a successful collaboration.
Inviting customers, employees and other relevant partners into the process will benefit you with qualified inputs to solve your next challenge.

The importance of a facilitated workshop becomes especially apparent when you have a large number of participants, who may not agree on very much. Even in this “hostile” environment, a well-facilitated workshop can create concrete results.  

By focusing on creative collaboration, our facilitated workshops aim to bring all knowledge and experience into play, thereby generating actionable results.

Our expertise is put into play with our methods for creative collaboration. Practically this means using visual tools to talk across different backgrounds and agendas and creating a creative framework that provides a productive scene. Through the format of facilitated workshops, intentions of user-involvement, democracy, and joint ventures can be made concrete.

An example of how we facilitate workshops and ensure you come out with relevant insights and hands-on solutions is the work we did with The Danish Red Cross Youth organization. We started with the question; How do we involve and listen to more than 100 key members, and let their everyday experiences shape the future? and ended with a new and improved organizational structure.