In-depth innovation through co-design.

In a co-design project, we create a network of stakeholders and through design-anthropological methods, we get close to their everyday lives. The insights arising from this close contact is the foundation for the development of new solutions.

A co-design project generates ideas and innovation from within your organization. Your organization, your customers and your employees together contain the best-qualified insights for the future. However, this knowledge is often fragmented and spread out. What we offer is to facilitate your resources creatively. Opportunities and ideas from the inside are brought to the surface where they are given life through design. From the beginning, we decide on a format for delivery, which will give you a concrete and useful product in the end.

Using co-design principles, we are able to understand every-day challenges and harness the insights of your organization, employees, and customers.

When working on co-design projects, we often find that early presumptions about possible problems and solutions are not as relevant as first thought. Many wrong solutions come out of supposing. That is why we closely follow users and staff, to see and understand real-life obstacles.
Our main motivation to challenge the common solution process is the belief that the strongest solutions are found together.

An example of our co-design approach to creative problem solving can be seen in our “Chemo To Go, Please” project, which we designed using insights from staff, patients and next of kin at Rigshospitalet’s leukemia department.