Design sprint

Design sprint

Rapid generation of new solutions through a design sprint.

A design sprint is a quick, proactive and user-centered way to uncover challenges and decide on the best solutions. A sprint is usually a week-long innovation process, using a productive approach to answer questions through design, prototyping, and idea testing.

With the design sprint, we seek to identify all important needs around an issue. From this base, ideas are developed, selected and tried out on a small scale. A design sprint will give you a wide range of concrete initiatives and suggestions to choose from. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is usable, you will get clear data from a realistic prototype. This data can then be used to underscore and prioritize ideas. In the end, you will have a list of tested and conceptualized ideas that can be implemented.

design sprint
A design sprint not only illuminates challenges and possible solutions, but it also allows you to quickly prototype those solutions and end up with concrete initiatives.

Many times new solutions end up being selected based on thin reasoning, without testing alternative and more disruptive solutions. We minimize the danger of those dareful solutions by giving them the chance to become alive and tested within a limited framework.

An example of how we have used the design sprint framework to generate usable ideas and tangible results can be seen in our work with The Technical School EUC Sjælland. By creating a week-long design sprint, we developed ideas together with both students and teachers.