DO YOU WANt to create meaningful solutions through involvement of users
and other stakeholders?

We Facilitate co-creation of new products, services and strategies. 


Co-creation studio

BLOX, Copenhagen


Our toolbox for meaningful innovation:

Let's Communicate

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  • The earlier you invite the users in, the faster they engage in your common mission. You create ambassadors from the beginning.


  • Formats, that can convey authentic emotions and bring messages between people (so not a report)
  • The purpose of co-design is to make change, not a scientific description of the existing
  • The codesigner is not a “fly on the wall”, but an active partner, suggesting, challenging and pushing limits
  • We act open-ended and are responsive to the participants – and we take the responsibility to reach useful new place together
  • We do not ask for something we can figure out elsewhere.
  • We create transparency in the process, through process windows and ongoing involvement to qualify any interpretations.
Let's Connect

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  • Connecting stakeholders in a designed common ground ca make people from different professions and positions access and contribute


  • We touch the hearts of the stakeholders with stories an emotions from real people around the topic, as an main ingrediens in designing together
  • We set a stage, where everyone can feel competent, gets assigned “roles” and can contribute in a valuable way
  • The common ground we meet around states the “state of the art”, so there is no need to articulate the already known for anyone
  • The complex contexts are made simple and easy to understand through visual language
  • The visual tools functions as boundary objects, common language, neutral ground and means to build shared visions, ideas and solutions
  • We help bringing in radical ideas that cross the boundaries, in order to explore them together
  • We move the couch together instead of talking about doing it, so no-one talk in the abstract. The possibilities of the couch standing in a new position is analysed, tried out and evaluated together.
  • Ideas are mocked up and acted out in concrete scenarios on the spot
Let's Conceptualise

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  • Conceptualising a tangible outcome summarises the shared effort into a common manifesto


  • We create transparency in how you go from sketches to outcome and get back to stakeholders with interpretations to refine together
  • An interpretation of complex dynamics is created as simple as possible, to be a new actor in the network of stakeholders
  • Tangible design objets communicates change and act to push boundaries on their own, in the way they are used
  • A tangible outcome can take many forms: prototype, plan, product, service. Everything but a report.
  • The future scenario of implemented solution is co-created with relevant stakeholders
  • The steps are designed for how to achieve the needed mindset change around carrying out the the solution
  • The steps are designed for how the workflow and structural support around the solution is achieved. Examples of formats are blueprints, service journeys, on-boarding courses, support tools, change in physical surroundings


Our specialty is design driven by human insights.
We bring our toolbox to facilitate diverse participators in working creatively and productively together.
The voices are transformed into concrete and meaningful outcomes by our design skills
that give life and identity to the engagements.

3 concrete ideas of how we can work together:


Rie Maktabi

Rie is along with Let’s Co also the co-founder of Chemo to go, please, a design company that designs bags for home chemo therapy. With a masters degree in co-design and a background in visual communication, Rie uses her human and visual skills to playfully inspire, engage and share the design-driven process internally and externally. Right now, Rie is strongly engaged with creating a new product, which has arisen on the basis of Let’s co’s work in the maternity wards.

Monika Havnø

Monika is co-founder of Let’s Co. Alongside with her masters degree in Co-design, she has an academy education in Economy/Resource-administration. With this background, Monika uses her analytical skills in understanding complex challenges with many stakeholders to develop concepts and business-cases around the design solutions she identifies. Monika is at the moment deeply involved with developing a new product, which has arisen on the basis of Let’s co’s work in the maternity wards.




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